Should You Contact Employment Agencies? Everything you want to know 2022

You apply for a job after applying for it. You have read all the books on the job search, carefully drafted your resume and cover letter for every job you applied for, searched all the relevant websites, and maintained all the social media profiles, and nothing worked for you. No job. Then the question arises, “Are employment agencies worth it?”

There are many types of employment agencies that help job seekers find employment. You may decide to use an employment agency to find a new job in today’s competitive job market.

Now is the time to look closely at the question, “Are employment agencies worth it?”

What are employment agencies?

Wikipedia defines an employment agency as an organization that connects employers and employees. In developed countries, many private companies operate as employment agencies and publicly funded employment agencies.

An employment agency is an organization that mediates contact between companies and job seekers. Many private companies and publicly funded employment agencies exist in developed countries.

Employment agencies offer jobs of all types, from temporary to permanent, in various occupational fields. Whether a company needs a nanny, administrative assistant, manager, or carpenter, an employment agency can find a suitable worker.

5 Types Of Employment Agencies

1. Government employment agencies

In 1650, Henry Robinson had the idea of establishing an “Address and Meeting Office” to bring employers and employees together. The British Parliament did not favor the idea, but he tried to establish his own company. It did not take long. Over time, establishing public employment services to combat unemployment has become increasingly common in industrialized countries.

2. Private employment agencies

According to Robinson, Gabbitas & Thring, the first known private employment agency was founded by John Gabbitas in 1873. He placed teachers in public schools in England. It opened as the first private employment agency in the United States in 1893. Fred Winslow, living in the United States at the time, founded an engineering agency.

3. Traditional employment agency

A traditional employment agency helps job seekers and companies hire new employees. Although it is becoming less common, some companies still collect fees from job seekers for their help. Inform them that you will have to pay for their services as soon as possible.

Employers pay for other traditional employment counseling services. Many agencies specialize in sales and marketing, accounting, human resources, sports, or information technology. In most cases, we do not think it is a good idea to use the services of an agency that collects money from applicants.

4. Temporary employment agency

A temporary employment agency gets paid only if the applicant is hired by the company they work for. Before applying, you should find out who pays the commission to the temporary agency. In most cases, these companies operate at a low to medium level. They send many resumes to the company.

5. Temporary or part-time employment

Temporary employment agencies are companies that help people find jobs for short periods. At certain times, companies hire temporary workers to help them, such as during tax season, when the harvest is approaching, or when people are sick or on vacation. Temporary workers also often help professional counselors find work for short periods.

Advantages and disadvantages of employment agencies

Advantages of employment agencies

The advantage of employment agencies is that you are paying for help from someone who knows what they are talking about. Employment agencies often work directly with employers and know better what they are looking for in an employee. They may also know about jobs you don’t know about yourself.

Disadvantages of employment agencies

The possibility of receiving fees or commissions is high on the list of disadvantages of employment agencies. If you pay for a job and then don’t like the new job, it can cost you money in the long run. Other problems can arise if you don’t communicate well with the company.


When looking for a job, you can use the services of employment agencies. However, try not to rely too much on recruiters. Many employers use job portals like Indeed or Monster to find new employees, while others rely on referrals from company employees to find new hires.

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