10 Part Time Jobs With Health Insurance In 2022

Part-time work can be great – depending on why you do it. That’s why a part-time job with health insurance can be a godsend. Part-time workers suffer because insurance companies don’t care enough about them.

Some of these workers are young and work seasonally. Many are older people working part-time for financial reasons.

Are you interested in whether it is possible to work part-time and get health insurance? Or are you just interested in which companies offer them? In this article, you will not only find out about them.

What is part-time work?

Part-time work works that require fewer hours per week than full-time work. They usually work in shifts, often on a rota basis. Part-time work has shorter working hours than full-time work. The minimum working time is 30 hours per week.

According to the International Labour Organisation, the number of part-time workers has increased by a quarter and a half over the last two decades in most industrialized countries, except the United States.

People have their reasons for wanting to work part-time. It may be because they want to, or because their employer has reduced their working hours and they cannot find full-time work.

What is part-time work with health insurance?

Part-time work with health insurance is work with insurance that covers the cost of medical care in the event of illness or an accident that may occur during the working period.

This could be the cost of a hospital stay, medicines, or a doctor’s visit. Nobody plans to get sick or injured, but a serious illness can affect anyone.

The cost of treating an illness can affect the savings you build up over time. You may compromise to ensure your child gets the best education possible or forgo a mortgage payment.

Nowadays, the cost of medical care is constantly rising. These jobs allow you to work and indirectly cover your medical expenses. Incredible, isn’t it?

10 Top Part-Time Jobs With Include Health Insurance

1. Flight attendants

Flight attendants’ main job is to ensure passengers’ safety, enforce safety regulations and keep the cockpit safe.

Flight attendants also ensure that passengers have a comfortable and carefree flight. Sometimes they have to deal with disruptive passengers. This is one of the professions where working part-time with health insurance is possible.

2. Registered Nurse 

A registered nurse is a nurse who has completed nursing education and met the requirements for licensure as a nurse established by a national, county, state, or similar government-approved agency.

The scope of the profession of RN is established by law and regulated by a professional organization or board. It is a job where it is possible to work part-time and still have health insurance.

3. Lactation Consultant

Lactation consultants specialize in individual counseling mothers and their babies, helping them through the various stages of the breastfeeding process and providing practical and emotional support.

This is a job where it is possible to work part-time and still have health insurance.

4. HVAC Maintenance Technician

An HVAC technician installs, repairs, or maintains heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems that control building temperature and air quality.

Sometimes, an HVAC technician may specialize in the installation, repair, or maintenance. This is a job where it is possible to work part-time and still be entitled to health insurance.

5. Heavy truck driver

Heavy truck drivers drive trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 26,000 lbs and transport goods from one place to another.

These drivers deliver goods over long distances, often across several states. This is a job where it is possible to work part-time and still have health insurance.

6. Driver

Mechanics perform maintenance, diagnostics, repairs, and inspections on small trucks and cars.

They do maintenance on drive belts, transmissions, steering, braking, and other electrical systems as well as on engines and mechanical components. This is a part-time job with health insurance.

7. Welder

Being a welder is a great profession; welders usually enjoy their profession and the many benefits of welding.

A career as a welder can be fulfilling if one can withstand extreme conditions, long work hours, smoke, and flames.

8. Dockworker

People who work in the port are called dockworkers. Their main job is to load and unload ships.

They are also called material handlers and workers who move supplies, goods, or other materials by hand. These are part-time jobs with health insurance.

9. Dialysis technician

Hemodialysis technicians also called dialysis specialists, work with a doctor or nurse to help patients with chronic kidney failure (end-stage renal disease).

Normally, the kidneys work, but when they don’t, kidney dialysis is a necessary treatment for the patient.

10. Special education assistant

Their main job is to assist the teacher in supporting students with special needs. It is important to clarify that special education assistants work with teachers.

Their main job is to assist pupils with special needs in mobility, communication, nutrition, and personal hygiene. This is a part-time job with health insurance.


Not having health insurance or losing access to affordable health insurance can be daunting. It may seem that a single injury or illness will get you out of expensive medical bills and debt.

That’s why most people look for a job that offers affordable health insurance packages. A good choice is a job with health insurance.

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