Highest Paid Mystery Shoppers: Best 10 Companies Of September 2022

Mystery shopping is a useful tool company uses to study store customer satisfaction.

OK, let’s decide.

Mystery shopping is a process in which a person is paid to shop in a store and evaluate the various departments and services offered by the store. It’s a good way to make money. This article presents the best-paid mystery shoppers in the world.


Mystery shoppers earn money through sales and marketing consultations. They examine internal processes and customer perception of the brand, analyze the competitive marketplace and evaluate staff and equipment at the time of purchase.

Mystery shopping companies also assist in business consulting. They can cover marketing issues such as policy and goal setting, sales tracking and forecasting, new product development and pricing structures, and franchise and licensing plans and strategies.

Mystery shopping companies help measure the effectiveness of marketing strategies and programs. Although this is not their primary task, they are unbiased to the tasks of marketing companies.

They help collect data using methods such as questionnaires and surveys. They also work on analyzing the collected data with the help of statistical software. Based on this data, they create reports and results for the client.


It recently determined that the average annual salary of a mystery shopper in the United States is approximately $42,000. That’s about $3,500 per month, $850 per week, and $25 per job.

The 10 Best Mystery Shopping Companies of 2022.

Mystery shopping does not guarantee full employment. It is an agreement-based and part-time job that allows you to earn extra income without working much.

Below is a selection of the best-paid mystery shopping companies.

These are the best-paid mystery shoppers:

1. Top

Pinnacle has been in business for over 20 years. Mystery shoppers in the company usually get some benefits, such as in-store mystery shopping, online shopping, and phone shopping. Shoppers earn from $4 to $75 for each activity. Payment is made on the 10th of the month through Paypal. The condition to participate is that you are from the United States.

2. Serve Legally

Serve Legal operates in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Mystery shoppers from this company get benefits such as in-person or online presence and free drinks. Earnings for top-paid mystery shoppers range from about £7 to £40 per visit, with free drinks per assignment. Payment methods via Paypal and bank transfer.

3. Secret Shopper 

Secret Shopper is an international mystery company founded in 1990. Secret shoppers enjoy the company’s benefits, such as secret shops and restaurants. Earnings are about $12-15 per lunch reimbursement. Payment method – monthly by check 30 days after completion.

4. ENA Retail Sales 

ENA Retail operates in the UK and Ireland. Corporate partners participating in mystery shoppers receive benefits such as in-store monitoring, age-verified purchases, and online, audio, and mobile shopping.

They earn a minimum of £10 per job, but the amount varies depending on the job. Monthly payments are made by bank transfer.

5. GBV 

Based in New Zealand, GBW, formerly GAPbuster, was founded in 1994 and operated in more than 100 countries. The company’s mystery shoppers enjoy some corporate benefits, such as mystery shopper status and the opportunity to become auditors.

Earn about $5-30 per assignment—payment method–cash payments, discounts on purchases, or refunds.

6. Term 

The term was founded in the United Kingdom in 1989. Corporate partners participating in mystery shoppers receive benefits such as video and audio shopping, point of sale reports, underage sales testing, customer satisfaction surveys, retail audits, and call center shopping.

7. Best Rating

The best rating is one of the largest mystery shopping companies offering more than 10,000 jobs. Mystery shoppers who partner with the company get some of the company’s benefits, such as in-person and online mystery shopping, customer experience consulting, compliance audits, and employee engagement surveys.

The payment amount depends on the specific task and ranges from $10 to $20 per task.

8. Grassroots

Grassroots is based in the UK, and its mystery shoppers get various benefits, such as personal mystery shopping, mystery dining, entertainment, online shopping, customer service testing, and video shopping.

They earn about £5-15 per task. The payment method is Bacs, which is paid twice a month into the account. You must be from the UK to be eligible.

9. Second to None

Second to None has earned a good reputation throughout its existence. The company’s mystery shoppers get some benefits, such as on-site or online mystery shopping, video visits, phone or home mystery shopping, and secret boarding.

They earn about $5 to $20 per assignment. Payment is made monthly through PayPal or as a deposit to an account.

10. iShop for Ipsos

Founded in 1975 in Paris, Ipsos now operates worldwide and is one of the world’s largest market research and mystery shopping companies.

The company’s mystery shoppers receive benefits such as free restaurant meals, car maintenance and repair, free shopping in stores, online, or over the phone, hospitality, banking convenience, and the opportunity to grow within Ipsos as an auditor.

They earn about $5-30 per assignment. Method of payment – through Paypal.


Employees are an inspiration to the brand, and they must align their sales and service behaviors with the brand promise. Actions speak louder than words.

Brands spend millions of dollars on external communications to create an emotional connection with customers. However, if customers perceive a disconnect between the employee representing the brand and the external messages, they will almost certainly experience brand ambiguity.

As a result, the investment is seriously compromised for that customer and their entire social network.

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