How Can People Make Money From Reading Books? Best 9 Ways In 2022

The famous American author and entrepreneur Jim Rohn once said, “Reading is essential for anyone who wants to rise above everyday life.”

Besides elevation and personal enrichment, there may be many other motivations for developing this habit. If you love reading, you can do what you enjoy and what you get paid for.

I’ve discussed what it means to be paid to read books, how to get paid to read books, and various other topics.

How does getting paid to read books work?

Several websites and apps allow you to get paid not only for reading but also for reading books aloud. It is easy to turn your reading habit into a source of income. You need to know the right goals.

It may not be an active income for you, but it can help you manage your daily expenses as a profitable passive income. It is a win-win situation. Do something you like and make money at the same time.

In addition to an interest in reading books, a flair for writing can be another advantage. This is because most of the present websites ask you to write a short review about a book you have read.

If the computer is just your work companion and you do not have much time to devote to it after your main job, you can get paid to read books through mobile applications.

Nowadays, there are many apps for Android and iOS users that allow you to read at your leisure and earn money in the process.

Best 9 Ways: How can you get paid for reading books? 

There are many ways to earn money from reading books aloud. Most of them are websites, and you only need to sign up to earn some money.

The best on this list is:

1. Review books

The “New York Times Book Review” may pay several hundred dollars for an independent book review from a major magazine or newspaper, but if you have never written professionally, you are unlikely to succeed the first time.

However, some websites and trade publications pay a small amount for reviews and may be more willing to work with newbies.

2. Scout Books

This job is similar to that of an editor for an agent, only more active. A book scout looks for good manuscripts for editors and agents.

They attend book fairs and writers’ conferences to look for future bestsellers. In the film industry, a book scout reads many books and selects those to be considered for a lucrative film adaptation.

3. Editing books

If you are unsure if you are qualified for editing, take an online course. The Chicago Manual of Style and The Elements of Style are two excellent sources of information.

This is the job for you if you enjoy reading books and can point out errors and incorrect grammatical constructions.

4. Read aloud

Have you ever wondered who audiobooks are when the author is not reading them aloud? While much of the work of reading aloud has to do with editorial decisions, this opportunity is more about raising your voice.

To learn more about the casting process, check out the ACX platform, which connects publishers with voice actors, sound engineers, and other professionals.

5. Book browse

Book Browse is a great site if you want to make money reading and reviewing books.

First, you must fill out a registration form and attach a 300-word sample review. Once your account has been approved, you will need to write a short review on the assigned book.

6. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is an excellent website that offers exceptional earning opportunities for all book lovers.

To become a reviewer, you must apply with your CV and a short writing sample. If you are selected, you will be assigned a book to review.

After reading the book, you must submit a 350-word review within two weeks. You pay a fairly high price; the final bid price depends on the size of the book.

7. Online book clubs

Many online book clubs pay you between $5 and $60 for a review, depending on the book’s length.

Everyone joins at the same time and listens to you read. This is one of the best ways to earn money from reading books.

8. Voices

Voices is another platform you can turn to if you want to get paid for reading books.

Suppose you are looking for opportunities as voice actors. Once you create a basic or premium membership on the site, you need to download a demo.

The Voice Match engine will then compare your skills with your clients. Once you have found the ideal partner, you can contact them directly through this site.

9. ACX

ACX, or Amazon Creative Exchange for audiobooks, is an excellent platform for book voices, where you can find many options.

All you have to do is select the book you want to be the narrator of. Once selected, you will be paid according to a predefined hourly rate. And that’s not all: you can also receive royalties on selling the audiobooks you have narrated. That’s how to earn money from reading books.


Dubbing or narration makes more money than any other type of book reading job. But if you don’t want to consider it a full-time job, there are other ways to get paid for reading books without having to work too hard. Here is a guide on how to get paid to read books.

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