How To Get Paid To Test Apps: 10 Sites That Pay You More Than $10 In 2022

Until now, I didn’t know you could get paid to test apps. And what’s interesting is that you don’t even have to be an absolute genius to do this. It’s also interesting that some people have made money testing apps and websites.

That’s why paying to test apps is a great way to make money. We’ve tried to help you find some companies where you can get paid to test apps and websites, and we’ve written this comprehensive guide to give you all the information you need.

These companies hire people to test apps and websites or find software bugs before or during beta testing.

Please read our guide to learn more about these app testing companies and how to work with them!

What is a user/website tester?

A website tester is usually a person who tests the performance of applications/websites. Typically, this person is asked to use the website like a normal person to ensure a pleasant user experience.

The tester should provide feedback on his observations of the website or application. They can indicate what they think is missing in the application or website and what they think could be improved.

The main goal of website and app testers is to improve the user experience and get an idea of what the company can develop.  Interestingly, any housewife, student, or person who wants to earn some money can work as a website or app tester.

What do I need to become an application tester?

You don’t need much to start testing apps.

You only need the following information:

  • A microphone.
  • A Windows or Mac computer and/or a smartphone.
  • A Paypal or Payoneer account.
  • A working Internet connection.
  • Screen capture software.

How can I increase my chances of making money by testing apps?

Here are some tips to increase your chances of making money:

  • Be a good tester: almost all websites rate their testers. If your evaluation is excellent, you will get more work.
  • Register On As Many Sites As Possible: The number of sites you register determines how many jobs you get.

10 Best Websites That Pay You To Test Sites And Apps 2022

Here are some 10 sites/apps that pay over $10:


This website allows you to test websites, computer hardware, and other devices. If you had a computer or a smartphone, that would be helpful. You may also need a microphone and be able to write and speak English well.


This company pays you for your contribution to the website or app. You will need a computer, a microphone, and a recording device. The impression is strong when you browse the site and perform a task spontaneously.

To access this test, you must take a simple test. This company charges $8 to $10 for a 20-minute test. Payments are made on the 25th of each month, and participants in the UK receive payments via direct deposit.


This is the software test page with a small difference in the latest features. More than 1.50p were invested in the tests of Testbirds, and i found 110,000 20 bugs. You pay regularly and earn about XNUMX euros per usability test, but if you find every bug, you can earn more.


You don’t need a password to register for the user test. An e-mail is enough. You pay 10 USD for each completed test, and the payment is made within 3 days after receiving the answer.


User Brain allows you to test websites on your computer. The screen/microphone is recorded during the test with a Chrome extension. You will be paid if your quick test is completed and approved within 10 minutes. There is a $3 fee for each test. The revenue is low, but the test is short.


It is a French company founded in 2014 by Arnaud Limburg and Thibaut Ginène. All you need to take the test is a laptop computer. You must complete a mission task, during which you can receive positive and negative feedback on the website.


A microphone is not required for this activity. The logging differs from other sites because you do not need a microphone to record the tests. You can test with a desktop computer, cell phone, or tablet, so it is not difficult, but the cost is low. It pays between $0.10 and $1.50.


The test takes no more than 20 minutes and costs $10. you can take the test with a smartphone or computer. Qualification of the user is required.


This platform allows users to speak aloud, record screen tests, and complete standard surveys. A trial test is required before payment. Their test takes 10-20 minutes and usually costs $10, while a less demanding test costs an average of $5.

10. LOOP 11

The Loop 11 user test device must pass an initial test that involves recording data from the webcam, screen, and microphone. Loop 11 claims to pay better for quality testers and offers more frequent features and bonuses.


In conclusion, testing paid apps are one of the easiest tasks. So you can sign up with one of the companies listed here and start immediately!

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